Complete Relaxation!

COMPLETE RELAXATION – awake but resting, sinews calmed, muscles soft, breathing slow, head clear, jaw unclenched, neck supported, shoulders low, genuine relaxation. When was the last time you felt like that?

I have clients try to explain to me this weird sensation they experience during a treatment: not asleep but not thinking about where they are, imagination flowing, comfortable – what is that feeling?

I say ‘that will be relaxation’, they usually then laugh knowingly as they recall the sensation; it’s just often been so long that they don’t even remember what it’s called anymore.

Of course your hot cuppa, glass of something delicious, favourite TV show, yoga class, bubble bath – they’re relaxing. They’re the small practices that allow us to slow us down and distract or calm for the duration. These are important.

But reflexology, honestly, there’s nothing like it. Someone massaging your feet as your body and mind completely unwinds and reboots.

Now I’m not saying you’ll hit the chair, feet up and your zen will automatically land. It can take a while to ease into it; get the stress of the day off your chest, chew over what’s happened since your last visit or just zone out quietly. It’s your treatment, go with what feels good on the day.

But they’ll come a point in the treatment where the magic clicks in and – you may not even notice – your body has surrendered and the calm has started to roll over you and you drift into warm relaxation. That’s when all the serious good stuff starts – your nervous system comes down from high alert, your physiology rebalances, your hormones get the chance to recalibrate, body and mind merge to one.

Nice hey.

Whenever I go too long without a treatment – something I am committing to avoiding again! – I am able to remember this feeling and conjure up a little of the magic that reflexology can induce. Then I make an appointment!

There are loads of us magicians to be found at the Association of reflexologists

I’m on the list, if you’re in and around Chelmsford or South East London

Drop me a line to get booked in


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